Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ronald D. Moore Continues His Habit of Creating "Sub-Par" Television Programming That is a "Dead Ringer" For Other People's Work

Helix - Is anyone looking forward to this thing on the SyFy Channel? I didn't think so. In no small part due to the fact that everyone who has already seen and loves John Carpenter's "Thing" movie from 1982 doesn't want to see it ripped-off in "Helix." Let's face it. Despite the superficial cosmetic differences that may differentiate "Helix" from "The Thing"...Ronald D. Moore is still doing a television series version of "The Thing" with characters isolated in an arctic environment going up against some evil force. All that Ronald D. Moore did here is replace the "Shape Shifting Alien" from John Carpenter's movie...with a biological outbreak. It's still John Carpenter's movie with a different baddie.

17th Precinct - Remember this little turd-ball from Ronald D. Moore that was never picked up by NBC-TV? The idea (if you want to call it that) here was...was to do a police department filled with officers who have the same powers as "Harry Potter" and all of his little friends. Thank God it was never picked up because quite frankly it was a stupid idea. "Harry Potter-esque" characters belong in "Harry Potter" movies, not in a police show reading bad guys their "Miranda Rights."

Wild Wild West - Thank God this catastrophe never went anywhere as you cannot improve upon the perfection that is the only true series starring Robert Conrad, Ross Martin, and Michael Dunn. On top of that, the entire era that was 1960s television programming had an all around electricity of unprecedented imagination and inspired thinking (what "Wild Wild West came out of,) that cannot be duplicated decades later. Due to the fact that those who were making 1960s television programming had come from the theater, Broadway, and classic radio. A sad sack like Ronald D. Moore can't simulate talent like that no matter how hard he tries.

Battlestar Galactica - Ronald D. Moore took this title and did absolutely nothing constructive and inspired with it. Instead, he ripped-off all of the "Star Trek" television series he worked on, the "Species" movies, "Bladerunner" and everything else he could remember watching on television his entire life from the time he was a toddler. What this painful television experience taught, is that Ronald D. Moore didn't know how to produce and write a "Battlestar Galactica" series. He only knew how to rip-off previous projects he had worked on ("Star Trek"), and prior shows and movies he used to watch in his youth. He shouldn't have taken on this job.

Caprica / Blood & Chrome - Ronald D. Moore had the nerve to try his losing formula two more times, and no one watched two more times....again.

Ronald D. Moore never takes a hint....he just keeps on chugging along with his usual bag of highly derivative and uninspired drivel. Is it any wonder why mass market success continues to elude him?


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