Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SyFy Channel Continues its "Incredulous Tradition" of Striking Up Deals With People Who You Would Least Expect to Helm Anything Fantasy / Horror Related


Jamie Foxx is the "Stand-up Comedian" guy, right? Sure, he's done other stuff in his career...But for the SyFy Channel to hire him to create a horror mini-series for them is so damn bizarre...so eccentric...and so "whacked-out...out of the ordinary"....even by the SyFy Channel's eccentric and dysfunctional standards...it just screams..."SyFy Channel executives are not qualified for their jobs." Is this an attempt by the SyFy Channel to lasso in yet another obscure demographic group? The "Comedy Store - Stand-Up Comedians" demographic group?

Why not hire Vin Diesel to produce a horror mini-series for the SyFy Channel? Or Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce to produce something for the SyFy Channel?

Rest assured, if there are any remaining entertainment personalities left on the face of this Earth who would thoroughly "CLASH" with what is supposed to be a Science Fiction channel...The SyFy Channel will hunt them down and hire them....for something....anything.


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