Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Let's Just Come Right Out and Say It. Ronald D. Moore is Doing a Version of "John Carpenter's 'The Thing' Movie" From 1982 With a Different Threat



(2013) The snow!! The ice!! Research scientists trapped in an isolated location going up against an otherworldly threat with their scientific knowledge!!

Why couldn't this research facility in "Helix" have been located in Palm Springs....or New York...or the jungle.....or in a suburban subdivision? Because then Ronald D. Moore couldn't be doing his version of "The Thing" he claims he is not doing. I guess the temptation of revisiting the snow and ice in "John Carpenter's 'The Thing' Movie" was just too great.

(1982) The snow!! The ice!! Research scientists trapped in an isolated location going up against an otherworldly threat with their scientific knowledge and flamethrowers!!

Thank God NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel owns both properties so they can rip themselves off!! Don't put it past NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel to stoop so low!!

Let's be even more blunt here and read between the lines. Ronald D. Moore obviously has loved "John Carpenter's 'The Thing' Movie" since he first saw it in 1982, and its premise has been kicking around in his memories since 1982. A premise he just can't resist!!

The snow!!....The ice!!!.....Research scientists isolated!!....Something supernatural / otherworldly threatening them!!

Ronald D. Moore: "What if I took out the flamethrowers, changed the nature of the threat tormenting the isolated scientists....but kept the scientists isolated in an arctic environment? Why...I could claim it all my own creatively and NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel could own it legally!!"

God, why couldn't it have been Brannon Braga or Rick Berman doing all of this post  "Star Trek: The Next Generation" work instead of Ronald D. Moore? In God's name...."WHY????" We would have gotten some originality and creatively if this had been the case!!

Although both trailers above start out with voice over chatter set to scenes of snow and ice, Ronald D. Moore really isn't doing his version of "The Thing" from 1982. He really isn't!! Rolling my eyes!!

Here's an idea!! What if this research facility in "Helix" had been set underground? Directly underneath "Grand Central Terminal" in New York. That way, there could be a big scene where something otherworldly crashes up through the floor of "Grand Central Terminal" sending commuters and their luggage flying everywhere.

Gee, I just thought that one up at the top of my head!! The objective here is to cure Ronald D. Moore of his obsession with John Carpenter's movie!! There are alternatives to setting "Helix" in an arctic environment!!


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