Saturday, September 21, 2013

Now Here's a Remake Idea Bryan Singer Hasn't Covered Yet in His "Fake Press Releases" and Ronald D. Moore Could Make Even Worse Than The Original!!

....If that's even possible!!

I probably shouldn't laugh. NBC-Universal, Bryan Singer, and Ronald D. Moore will more than likely get together at some point and say to one another...."You know what? That's really not a bad idea!! We'll turn the flop into a mega-hit!!"
How would NBC-Universal and Ronald D. Moore reimagine "Supertrain?" (Bryan Singer would never get around to it!!)
Supertrain!! A mobile psychiatric hospital on wheels traveling the country and treating people with "Bi-Polar Disorder, clinical depression, and suicidal tendencies. Edward James Olmos (of course) would be the Captain of the "Atomic Powered Choo-Choo"....Piloting "Supertrain" across the country with a GREAT... BIG...FROWN ON HIS FACE. Aaron Douglass will be the on board mechanic of "Supertrain." ("I have one Phaser Bank fully recharged, Captain!!") Tricia Helfer (of course) would be the on board "Escort"...."Tart"....."Eye Candy Scenery"....and "Cruise Director!!" Katee Sackhoff (of course) would be the on board "Homeland Security Officer." "Supertrain" is equipped with an on board discotheque...electro shock therapy room...torture chamber...brothel.....and a "Starbucks" coffee stand. NBC-Universal and Ronald D. Moore should be able to cover all of their "Elite Wall Street Demographic Groups" with accomodations like that in this tv series!! Total - 25 people.
In the exciting pilot episode of "Supertrain" old "mentally ill acquaintance" of "Captain Frown Face" (Edward James Olmos) escapes from a local psychiatric hospital while the "Supertrain" is docked in Seattle and while "Captain Frown Face" is at a local shopping mall with his "Supertrain" crew buying all natural remedies (in bulk) for Bi-Polar Disorder. "Supertrain" is stolen (hot wired) by this mentally ill acquaintance while the crew is at the local shopping mall. It's up to Captain Frown Face and his crew to hitch cab rides across the country trying to catch up to "Supertrain!!"



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