Monday, September 9, 2013

From Day One of The Ownership, NBC-Universal Never Should Have Purchased The Sci-Fi Channel They Eventually Destroyed

This movie...does not belong on what is supposed to be a Science Fiction Channel. This movie, the idiotic moniker "SyFy"...and an infinity of other wide ranging issues, reinforces the fact (not an argument, not a debate....but a fact) that NBC-Universal had no business whatsoever purchasing what used to be a very entertaining Science Fiction channel.

"SyFy"....continues to be a textbook example of how a cable channel should not be run, and a textbook example of what happens when a perfectly good former cable channel (Sci-Fi) is purchased by corporate idiots (NBC-Universal) as fundamentally incompatible to the nature of that channel as God and Satan would be fundamentally incompatible trying to exist in the same room together.

If you're a corporation, you don't just purchase a cable channel outright, as what NBC-Universal did with the former Sci-Fi Channel. It would help if you knew exactly what you were purchasing beforehand...perhaps putting some thought into how the former Sci-Fi Channel would have fit into your overall corporate portfolio. Would it have been a good match? Would the compatibility have been there? A unanimous "No" to all of the above. Because from day one of this purchase, it was very clear to everyone that NBC-Universal simply did not like Science Fiction, and it was even immediately standing by with their own corporate created stereotype of Science Fiction fans...."Nerds living in their parent's basements." Perhaps NBC-Universal knew all along that there would be a terrible incompatibility between themselves and the former Sci-Fi Channel, So....their corporate created stereotype was immediately standing by. With a hostility this severe towards Science Fiction and its fans, NBC-Universal never....ever....should have purchased this channel.

Historically, this will always be considered a...."Very Bad Purchase."


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