Thursday, September 26, 2013

If "ESPN" Were as Poorly Managed as The "SyFy Channel", It Would Have Been Gutted a Long Time Ago

In other words, if "ESPN" tried to ignore its "On Air Identity" of being a pure "Sports Network" and instead broadcast game shows and soap operas, everyone running "ESPN" would have been fired, and entirely new executives would have been brought in.

This same basic rule of common sense needs to apply to this cable network as well. This is not the "SyFy Channel." This is supposed to be the "Sci-Fi Channel." NBC-Universal had no business and no moral right buying this cable network since it was their obvious intent all along to ignore what a Science Fiction channel is supposed to be and instead, turn this cable network into an "Ambiguous John Doe Cable Network" without a discernible "On Air Identity." An "Ambiguous John Doe Cable Network" with a definition that changes each time NBC-Universal reaches into its film vaults and pulls out another one of its crappy movies. "Cape Fear" anyone? This cable channel needs to be gutted, everyone let go, a new corporate owner found (goodbye NBC-Universal), so that this cable network can resume being what it is supposed to be.

If you don't like Science Fiction, then don't go around buying Science Fiction cable networks. Got it, NBC-Universal? You had no business coming around this cable channel in the first place. The obvious reason wrecked it with bad management.


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