Thursday, June 26, 2014

After Being In The Television Industry For Decades, Ronald D. Moore Remains a Bankable Commodity Only With The SyFy Channel

An... "Outdated Relic"... if ever there was one, Ronald D. Moore is of the era of.... "1990s Science Fiction Television..... when individuals more talented than Ronald D. Moore such as Rick Berman (Moore's former boss) and J. Michael Straczynski knew how to chart a course in Science Fiction television with genuine inspired thinking and originality. Moore still belongs in the 1990s when he simply followed marching orders while cranking out scripts, and the responsibility of being a decision maker and executive producer of anything was rightfully out of Ronald D. Moore's hands.

Something terrible happened to Science Fiction television however, when Ronald D. Moore teamed up with the SyFy Channel for the..... "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)....series. The SyFy Channel and Moore himself got the mistaken impression that he had the talent to be a decision maker and executive producer on his own. SyFy also began suffering from the mistaken impression that Moore was a..."Bankable Commodity"....on his own to try and sell the concept of a television series on.

After the..."Mass Market / Commercial Ratings Failures / Flops".... of....

1. "G vs. E"
2. "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)
3. "17th Precinct"
4. "Caprica"
5. "Blood & Chrome"
6. "Helix"
7. "Virtuality"

Ronald D. Moore remains a...."Bankable Commodity"....only within the...."Frat House Walls"....of the SyFy Channel. Decades after being in the television business.

Even after six consecutive previous failures in this business, SyFy Channel still felt that the name Ronald D. Moore was a...."Successful Name Brand"....a...."Bankable Commodity"...if you try and sell the...."Helix"....television series to the viewing public even when Moore didn't actually create the...."Helix"....series!!

Yes, "Helix" limped through a..."Ratings Challenged"....first season and is returning for a...."Ratings Challenged"....second season only because the SyFy Channel still thinks that Ronald D. Moore is "just great" (within its "Frat House" walls) despite his astonishing body of...."Ratings Failures" everything he touches Science Fiction related.

As for "Outlander" with the "Starz" Network, we'll see how long it survives like everything else Ronald D. Moore does.


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