Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Why Does The Current Incarnation of Universal Studios Feel Like a "Low Budget Subsidiary" of The SyFy Channel?

Is Roger Corman the new CEO of Universal Studios? It sure feels like it doesn't it? Universal Studios circa 2014 is just "oozing" with a "Low Budget Mentality" across the board, isn't it?

1. Universal Studios is not in competition in any way with the currently thriving "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" franchises.

2. Universal Studios is still playing its...."Fake Press Release Nonsense"....with the "Battlestar Galactica" movies still not being made (since 2001.)

3. Universal Studios has no ongoing...."Superhero Theatrical Franchise".....of any sort.

4. Universal Studios continues to ignore...."Battlestar Galactica" a full potential..."Legitimate Third Alternative" to "Star Wars" and "Star Trek."

5. Universal Studios has opted to litter the...."Summer 2014 Blockbuster Season".... with low budget flops like...."A Million Different Ways to Die in The West - Starring Seth MacFarlane" and "Neighbors" instead of more ambitious efforts to compete with the likes of "Spiderman" and "Captain America."

6. Universal Studios has not one potential summer blockbuster scheduled for "Summer 2014."

7. The only time Universal Studios has ever had (and has) a...."Science Fiction Blockbuster"....on its hands is when Steven Spielberg makes one for them. And how often does that happen? Once every decade if that?

8. Universal Studios continues to not be....."Mass Market Friendly" any way in the areas of Science Fiction and / or summer blockbusters unless Steven Spielberg does something for them. And how often does that happen? Once every decade if that?

Universal Studios circa 2014 is a corporation without direction, inspired thinking, or adequate funding. Additionally it is lacking an attraction for talent of any sort behind the camera...and suffers from a general all around indifference towards all things Science Fiction and "Battlestar Galactica."


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