Saturday, June 14, 2014

Has Anyone Noticed That Universal Studios and Glen A. Larson Are The "Worst Business People of All Time" When it Comes to Litigating Differences?

Universal Studios and Glen A. Larson have been at each other's throats for what apparently is decades when it comes to the issue of money over "Knight Rider" and "Battlestar Galactica."

What makes terrible business people? When they (Universal Studios, Glen A. Larson) remain in constant habitual and ceaseless litigation with one another forever (decade after decade) with no resolution ever coming to the rescue. With no resolution always resulting in the properties ("Knight Rider", "Battlestar Galactica") remaining in "Development Hell" forever decade after decade.

Not only is this the symptom of terrible business people plagued with terrible negotiation practices, but it's also flat out irresponsibility when the matters never get resolved.

If "Battlestat Galactica" and "Knight Rider" had simply been owned by a better corporation and better business people over the years (anyone but Universal Studios and Glen A. Larson)....."Battlestar" and "Knight Rider"..... would have been thriving Science Fiction franchises for the past few decades...instead of being...."Decades Old Development Hell Victims".....plagued with occasional moments of rotten revivals over the years immediately forgotten...."GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)....and...."Knight Rider 2008"....on NBC-TV.

Universal Studios and Glen A. Larson have really "sucked at" and continue to "suck at" not only owning these two properties in particular...but also everything else Science Fiction related including Gil Gerard's "Buck Rogers" series.

Universal Studios and Glen A. Larson "suck" at what they do....across the board in business.

Some individuals are "Naturally Born Business People." Glen A. Larson and his cohorts at Universal Studios are not. The lot of them should be baking bread at a Los Angeles bakery instead.

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