Thursday, June 12, 2014

The "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) Troll Army (All 15 People From Universal Studios)) Are Still Sprinkled All Over The Internet Singing Its "Stealth Marketing" Praises

In honor of these idiots....let's review the reasons why this television series was a "Mass Market Commercial Flop" in every way...

1. "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) from day one was a "Career Killer." From Ronald D. Moore, to David Eick, to Edward James Olmos, to Katee Sackhoff....everyone associated with this production did not go on to bigger and better things after "GINO" was finally cancelled due to low ratings. Instead...some of them just "putzed" along to sporadic insignificant projects that didn't ignite careers either.

It's as though "GINO" had that "Poltergeist Movie Curse" thingy hanging over it from day one plaguing the cast and crew.

2. "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) aired on an insignificant cable network ravaged by bad management years before "GINO" premiered. A cable network (Bonnie Hammer's Sci-Fi Channel) all too accustomed to routine low ratings in everything she did. So of course when "GINO" came along it too was ravaged by bad management and inexplicable bad decision making from the producers (Ronald D. Moore, David Eick) and writers.

3. "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) was not "Battlestar Galactica." Instead, it was a television continuation of the "Blade Runner" movie from 1982 that no one in the public domain remembered except "Yours Truly." This "Blade Runner" movie (I might as well say it) was also a massive "Box Office Flop" big time in 1982. So big of a flop it was in fact, that no one in Hollywood ever entertained the notion of revisiting the movie until Edward James Olmos came along and said...."Hey, let's revisit 'Blade Runner' instead of doing a 'Battlestar Galactica' series." What rationally minded television network would have allowed this...."Commercial Flop"....nonsense to have occurred?" Bonnie Hammer's Sci-Fi Channel....that's what!! A badly produced and badly written television series based upon an...."Economic Disaster" (flop).....of a movie from 1982!! No wonder (among many other reasons) Ronald D. Moore is as much of an "unknown" behind the scenes producer  present day as he was a decade ago.

"GINO" was also Ronald D. Moore's...."Wet Dream"....of a television series as to what he thought...."Star Trek: Voyager"....should have been. "Dark & Gritty!!"......"Dark & Gritty!!"....."Dark & Gritty!!"

4. An unappealing leading man. Edward James Olmos was not an appealing leading man for a television project like this. When you're dealing with television, you are also dealing with the economic necessity of having to cast actors mass market audiences would find instantaneously attractive. This motivates mass market audiences to want to continue watching your show. Yes, "GINO" had a dark premise (the dark premise it ripped off from "Battlestar Galactica") in order to do "Blade Runner" for the small screen...but you still have to find a way to attract a mass market television audience despite that. This Olmos guy frowned constantly, was no fun to look at, giving mass market audiences no reason to stick around.

5. "GINO" was a mass market flop after its first season. What do you do with mass market flops in television? you cancel them!! Period!! What did Sci-Fi Channel do? Intensify the mass market unattractiveness of this show by allowing it to crawl along for three more low rated seasons. And its ratings continued to get lower and lower because of that.

6. "Status Awards" do not make a bad television show into a good television show. Just because Harlan Ellison may have liked this stupid show and gave the show some stupid award because of that....doesn't mean "squat" in the television industry. You either have the numbers or you don't. You either have the vast majority of the mass market audience or you don't. "GINO" didn't have anything going for it. It didn't have the numbers and it didn't have the audience....Period.

7. "GINO" was the laziest television series ever made in the category of what was supposed to be "Science Fiction / Fantasy." It claimed to be taking place in a galaxy thousands of light years from Earth yet instead looked like good old Earth present day...complete with period piece automobiles, contemporary business suits, eyeglasses, and beautiful downtown Vancouver during location shooting.

8. Edward James Olmos shouldn't have done this series and I'll tell you why. If you have a problem doing what is supposed to be a...."Science Fiction".....television series populated with what are supposed to be "extraterrestrial creatures"....then don't do the damn show!! Either high tail your butt back to the theater or get yourself guest starring roles in "Bones" or "Castle." But don't stick around and have the nonsense written into your contract that you will immediately quit if there are "extraterrestrial creatures" in the show. Edward James Olmos proved himself to be...."Not a Science Fiction Guy" what was supposed to be a...."Science Fiction Television Series." Ludicrous!! Absolutely ludicrous behind his attitude towards this project. Of course, no one else associated with this project gave a shit about it either.


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