Friday, June 27, 2014

Why Do We Repeatedly Never See a "Battlestar Galactica" Movie From Universal Studios Regardless of How Much They Announce One "Ad Infinitum" Every Two Years Since 2001?

 These are no doubt two of the infinite reasons why....

During the past 20 years especially, Universal Studios has been nothing but the primary provider of...."Junk / Garbage Television"....such as...."The Maury Povich Show"....(with professional actors posing as its guests)....and...."Blind Date"....a dating show about surgically / sexually enhanced young people in Los Angeles you never gave..... two shits about.

...And during the past 20 years especially, Universal Studios has been nothing but the primary provider of...."Major Misstep Theatrical Films Science Fiction Related"....for all of Hollywood. One Science Fiction failure after another....."R.I.P.D."....and...."Cowboys & Aliens:....

Is it any wonder why Universal Studios has never gotten its...."Corporate Head Out Of  its Corporate Rear End"...(since 2001) make a...."Battlestar Galactica"

Yes...when it comes to shoveling the garbage far and one does it better than NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel.


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