Monday, June 16, 2014

Why is Universal Studios Always The Most Unsuccessful Movie Studio of All Time When it Comes to Science Fiction?

Because all of the great classic stuff they own Science Fiction related is always and endlessly tied up in lawsuits spanning decades....

...Great classic stuff that is always full throttle franchise potential material if Universal Studios weren't always such a "Shitty Manager" towards all of this great classic material.

Now, the above article is two years old. So,that's another two years Universal Studios has blown at not making money with all of this great classic stuff if it were simply managed properly by the idiots at Universal Studios.

Has Universal Studios ever realized what a truly...."Retarded"...and...."Down's Syndrome" it has been towards all things Science Fiction (especially "Battlestar Galactica") for the past 36 years?

All of this in addition to the fact that Universal Studios can't do any new stuff Science Fiction related with any degree of competency either ("Cowboys & Aliens", "R.I.P.D.")


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