Monday, June 23, 2014

I Trust The "Mass Market / Science Fiction Flops" of Universal Studios and Ronald D. Moore Won't Be On Display In This Museum?

The consequences of not omitting them?...

....And over here we have the movie..."R.I.P.D"...from Universal Studios. A mash-up (rip-off) of the movies "Men in Black" and "Ghostbusters." It of course flopped at the Box Office.

....And over here we have the movie...."Cowboys & Aliens"....from Universal Studios. A rip-off of the television series "Wild, Wild West" -starring Robert Conrad. It of course flopped at the Box Office.

....And over here we have Ronald D. Moore's...."GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)....series. A rip-off of the Box Office flop...."Blade Runner"...."Star Trek: Voyager"...."Species".....All things "Star Trek" classic and modern, and every other movie & television show Ronald D. Moore ever watched from the time he was a toddler to adulthood.

"GINO" of course flopped big time on the SyFy Channel since it only used the title and the title only of the..... "Battlestar Galactica"


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