Friday, May 15, 2015

After Reading Scores of Reviews of This Blu-Ray Release, The Best That Can Be Said About It Is That Its Technical Quality is "Wobbly"

Not necessarily bad and definitely not good either. Balanced on a precipice leaning towards flat out bad. Complaints run the gamut of blurry imaging in the widescreen versions of the episodes with white specks and other debris in the full frame versions. There has also been mention of the theme music being unusually slowed down in the "Galactica: 1980" episodes.

When, oh when will Universal Studios ever learn how to master the technology of the present day when it comes to releasing home media entertainment? They can't do it with Blu-Ray, they couldn't do it with DVD, and they couldn't do it with VHS.

It also hasn't helped matters any that Universal Studios hasn't been taking care of the original negatives of this series like they should have been doing during the past 37 years. And it shows in this Blu-Ray release, doesn't it?


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