Sunday, May 24, 2015

"Battlestar 1978" Products Have Frequently Gotten a Pass From Intense Scrutiny Despite Obvious Faults in The Manufacturing From The Get Go


"Hmmm...gee Ted, the box looks alright to me. I never noticed the scruffy, sandpaper rubbed appearance and the total cop-out on the part of Universal Studios in making an attractive box until you mentioned it to me."

Which seems to be the most common theme among all reviews.

That many favorable reviews? Really? Despite the crappy box art. Despite problems with the widescreen episodes. The usual loss of image (top, bottom, sides) from anything Universal Studios widescreens. Despite no improvements in the image from DVD to Blu-Ray. Despite no upgrades in the visual effects. Despite 12 year old extras instead of a new round of fresh, spanking new extras.

OK. Who are these people really on And how much were they paid off by Universal Studios to write fawning reviews over this overwhelmingly obvious crappy product?

Universal Studios has never released quality..."Battlestar 1978"....products. Yet the mysterious, favorable reviews of these crappy products always pop up from out of nowhere.


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