Sunday, May 10, 2015

What Can We Conclude About This Upcoming Blu-Ray Release?

1. It will never be the best job Universal Studios could ever do with this Blu-Ray release because nothing involving the..."1978 Battlestar Galactica Series"....ever is. Universal Studios should have contracted this job out to...."Time Life"...who did a magnificent job with the..."Six Million Dollar Man"....complete series set from 5 years ago. With Universal Studios doing this job themselves, the concluding opinion probably will be..."Oh shit, where's my sales receipt? I want a refund!! This thing is junk!!"

2. If the crappy looking package art stands as is and goes up for sale looking like this, it will mean that after 37 years, Universal Studios crappy attitude towards the..."1978 Battlestar Galactica Series"....still hasn't changed.

3. If this Blu-Ray release manages to be reviewed by anyone, the concluding opinion probably will be...."Great looking and sounding discs, crappy package art...." Assuming of course, Universal Studios has suddenly broken free of its notorious personality and history of manufacturing crappy...."Battlestar 1978"....merchandise and suddenly manufactured these Blu-Ray discs the way they should be manufactured. Top of the line.

4. There's also the whole other issue of including the 12 year old extras from the..."Battlestar 1978 Complete Epic Series"....DVD Set from October 2003...and making no attempt to include present day extras. Including a 5 minute interview from 12 years ago from when Glen A. Larson was still alive? No follow up, present day tribute to him after he unfortunately passed away? Doesn't that just sort of smack of...Just not giving a shit? Doesn't that mean this Blu-Ray set is incomplete?


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