Sunday, May 17, 2015

When Defective Products Are Released To The Public, The Truth Comes Out Sooner Or Later. The Few Professional Reviews Didn't Pick Up On This? Could There Be a Reason? $$ Under The table?

quote - By the lords of Kobol... Where to start...first off, I liked the idea of widescreen and standard screen in this set so you can watch from a different perspective. Second, I am not too happy at the Blu Ray conversion of this set. I guess I am used to buying Blu Ray sets and seeing a HUGE difference in screen definition and clarity of images. IE-Batman from 1966, ANY of the Star Trek Blu Rays or other Blu Ray sets that you can tell there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

BSG on the other hand was ok at best. I have the orignal DVD set from 2004 and I compared both discs. Upon start up I really thought that there was something wrong with my set that maybe this was not a Blu Ray set! It's that shocking to me that you really do not see a huge difference from this release compared to the DVD set in 2004.

Blu Ray is a step up from the original 2004 set, but not as good as the other sets mentioned above. With other Blu Ray sets you have that look of watching LIVE TV and you can tell that who ever did the up convert from standard to HD/Blu Ray knew what they were doing.

I have always held Universal in a low regard with their double sided disks or lack of good quality DVD releases. On this set, you can tell that they did not spend a lot time, money or energy into really putting out a good product. Sound quality is good just like the 2004 set and I am listening to it with an Onkyo 2015 5.1 surround sound 4K upconvert system. I am watching this set on a 2 year old Samsung 55' LED 3D TV with the Onkyo UPCONVERT 4K receiver and still the images are lack luster at best. The ships and the space scenes with the special affects are just ok and do not pop out at you like you would see in Star Trek etc. It looks like they upconverted the regular scenes on the bridge, on the planets etc but the battle scenes still look standard definition to me and you can see the back and forth quality as the show progresses through the episode. I know some of you out there will say " This was made in the late 70's, what do you expect? " Well to that being said, I say look at what CBS did to Star Trek TOS. That set is amazing, and you can tell they spent money and time on it!

I was really looking forward to this set and to see the huge differences from standard definition to high def but its really not that big of a difference in my book. I am looking over all the other reviews on here and quite frankly I do not see what all the hype is about for this set. Did anyone really watch these and pop them into your blu ray player?

I love BSG and grew up watching this in the 70's and the 80's. Save your money on this set and wait a few months....I cant see spending the $91.00 I paid for this set on Amazon. If this set is under $50.00 its an ok deal more than that save your money and wait for it to drop because I bet sales on this set aren't going to be that great. -

And the box art sucks. - Me


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