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Want To See What a "Stealth Marketing Post" Looks Like On

quote - Does anyone remember....the syndicated BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Telefilms / Compilation movies...? When BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was first released in syndication in 1981, it was shown in the "Compilation / Telemovie" Format. Episodes were edited together to form (more-or-less) stand-alone movies. All of these TV movies feature specially-created "movie-style" Opening title and End sequences as well as all-new narration and the occasional "looping" (redubbed) lines by Lorne Greene and Dirk Benedict (a few of Apollo's lines are looped as someone who sounds NOTHING like Richard Hatch!). These movies also feature NEVER-BEFORE SEEN Special Effects shots (the Underside f/x shots of the Galactica are really cool - and these alternate f/x weren't seen during the ABC telecast or on DVD or Blu-Ray). These Compilation Movies were shown across the U.S. and around the world. Watching these movies is a fun experience....almost like a peek into an "alternate" Galactica universe with scenes and stories rearranged to form an interesting, if not always consistent whole. For instance....MURDER IN SPACE is a compilation of "Murder on the Rising Star" and "The Young Lords" this movie, Starbuck is accused of murdering Ortega. He ESCAPES from the Galactica [differing from the events of "Murder on the Rising Star where he CHANGES HIS MIND about escaping] and crash lands on the planet Attilla and helps the children rescue their father from the Cylon outpost. He is rescued by Apollo and Boomer who THEN take him back to the Galactica to stand trial for Ortega's murder. These Compilation movies aren't just simple hack-jobs by the "editing elves" - a lot of thought went into creating these movies to form a consistent narrative. One of the more interesting Compilation movies is EXPERIMENT IN TERRA. This film opens with an Astronaut (from Earth!) finding Adama's Galactica Logbook floating in Space - he opens the book and the history of the Cylons unfolds with all-new narration by Lorne Greene accompanied by Ralph McQuarries' beautiful full-color paintings. About 12 minutes of "Saga of a Starworld" is shown depicting the destruction of the Colonies and the progress of the fleet in their journey to Earth. Next the film seques into the famous GALACTICA: 1980 episode "The Return of Starbuck" - but all scenes with Angela and the Star-child are removed and (get this!) Starbuck ESCAPES from the lost planet and returns to the fleet....just in time to seque into the episode "Experiment in Terra"! All of these Compilation movies feature fun "alternate" scenes like this. As your might expect, the 2-part episodes were edited together into a single telefilm...and all of these also feature "expanded" (and in some cases never-before-seen) scenes! The following is a Complete List of all 14 BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Compilation Telefilms. NBC / Universal please release these "lost" GALACTICA TV movies as a DVD Box Set! (1) BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (pilot film) (2) LOST PLANET OF THE GODS (expanded version of "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part 1 and 2") (3) GUN ON ICE PLANET ZERO (expanded version of "Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part 1 and 2") (4) THE PHANTOM IN SPACE (compilation of "The Lost Warrior" and "The Hand of God" (5) SPACE PRISON (compilation of "Murder on the Rising Star" and "The Young Lords") (6) SPACE CASANOVA (compilation of "Take the Celestra" and "The Long Patrol") (7) CURSE OF THE CYLONS (compilation of "The Magnificent Warriors" and "Fire in Space" (8) THE LIVING LEGEND (expanded version of "The Living Legend, Part 1 and 2") (9) WAR OF THE GODS (expanded version of "War of the Gods, Part 1 and 2") (10) GREETINGS FROM EARTH (expanded version of the 2-hour special "Greetings From Earth" (11) MURDER IN SPACE (compilation of "Murder on the Rising Star" and "The Young Lords") (12) EXPERIMENT IN TERRA (compilation of "The Return of Starbuck" and "Experiment in Terra" (13) MISSION: GALACTICA - THE CYLON ATTACK (compilation of "Fire in Space" and "The Living Legend, Part 1 and 2" - this movie was release Theatrically on released on VHS tape) (14) CONQUEST OF THE EARTH (compilation of "The Night the Cylons Landed, Part 1 and 2" and about 10 minutes of "Galactica Discovers Earth"). These 14 Compilation Movies are an important part of the World-wide BATTLESTAR GALACTICA franchise. It would be GREAT if they were released on DVD and Blu-Ray. If you agree, please Write to: Universal Studios Home Entertainment, 10 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608 USA. - unquote

In Universal Studios hands, stealth marketing is always used to try and divert attention away from the truth and the flawed nature of its defective products. This post was put up on to try and divert attention away from the two previous negative reviews this Blu-Ray set got. (1) This post is not a verified purchase, (2) It engages in mindless jibber-jabber (a filibuster) to try and divert attention away from the negative reviews (3) It has nothing to do with the topic in the review section (4) It is long in length pushing the negative reviews further down the page (5) It arrived mere days after the two most previous and honest negative reviews were posted, (6) Its objective is to change the subject at all costs, to not let the public know (until it's too late) that they are buying an overpriced, defective product. (7) It proposes a knowingly futile endeavor. That merely writing Universal Studios will correct a problem. When has Universal Studios ever listened to the public? Especially "Battlestar Galactica" fans? Never. (8) Rather than fix problems before or after they arise, Universal Studios has  always used stealth marketing to try and hide the problems it knowingly creates with the..."Battlestar Galactica" Such as now, on


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