Thursday, May 7, 2015

Remember This Cast of Characters? Neither Does Anyone Else


The curious, minor, and temporary blip on the radar from a decade ago known as the...."Sybil SyFy / Ronald D. Moore Dysfunctional Collaboration"....produced three oddball productions....

1. "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)
2. "Caprica"
3. "Blood & Chrome

....notorious for having the following characteristics....

1. Not being profitable on any noteworthy level for all parties involved.
2. Not being..."Battlestar Galactica" any way, shape, or form.
3. Not being fan friendly.
4. Being fan hostile towards the specific target audience it was supposed to attract in the first place.
5. Killing Science Fiction on television for the previous 10 years and evermore after that.
6. Causing the casts and crews of these shows to remain relative unknowns forever.
7. Sentencing Ronald D. Moore to bouncing around minor cable networks forever.
8. Causing David Eick to completely fall off the minor cable network radar.
9. Edward James Olmos ("The Frowning Guy") to doing minor theater forever.
10. Causing SyFy Channel to remain a..."Piss Pot Little Cable Channel"...forever.

I wouldn't want these three shows on my resume. No one would.

Elaborating a bit further on #5, is it safe to say that the cable industry concluded long ago that the..."Ronald D. Moore Way of Doing Science Fiction on Television" NOT..."The Profitable Way of Doing Science Fiction on Television"......?


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