Sunday, May 3, 2015

This May Finally Be The Day We Have All Been Looking Forward To. When Universal Studios Suffers "Self Inflicted Embarrassment" So Severely Due To Shoddy "Battlestar 1978 Merchandise", It Will Be Forced To Recall This Little Gem Due Solely To Crappy Looking Box Art

This little baby is due in retail outlets in roughly a week. I think it's a safe bet that Universal Studios never thought far enough into the future as to the negative ramifications of this crappy looking box art (if you want to be generous and call it art) being released to the public and said to themselves...

Universal Studios: "Well, Gee!! What happens when the boys over at,,,, and are sent advanced copies of this little baby for review and they all get a load of the crappy looking box art which will figure prominently in their reviews of this little baby? Will we suffer unanticipated embarrassment?"

Yes, the DVD's may very well be produced extremely well but that's not what the public and the reviewers will be looking at in this particular case, will they? First impressions are everything and I think every review would go along the lines of....

"Yes, the DVD's are very well produced but the box art really SUCKS ASS."

I think (knowing Universal Studios as well as I do when it comes to "1978 Battlestar Galactica"), that it will bypass this massive problem by simply not making this particular DVD set of theirs available for review from any professional outlet. Universal Studios would much rather make this DVD not available for official review than improve the box art. Because after all, this is the..."1978 Battlestar Galactica" ...series we're talking about here. The one property Universal Studios has hated with a passion since 1978. Yes, Universal Studios will (I suspect) quietly ram this little baby down the throat of the marketplace in roughly a week with little to no fanfare. Just another..."Ho Hum DVD Release"...with no fanfare like..."Season Gazillion"....of the Kardashian clan.


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