Friday, September 4, 2015

A Year Later, The SyFy Channel Is Still The Same "Train Wreck Disaster" It Always Has Been

Giant, flame shooting spiders from an erupting volcano is the latest..."Stink Fest"....from the SyFy Channel...having debuted this past July.

Many items to note about this article...

1. This isn't the first time (and it won't be the last) where a press release from the SyFy Channel ultimately turns out to be a crock of shit. (They lied....again.) This channel never improves no matter how many..."Fake Press Releases"....NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel poops out claiming otherwise.

2. A year after this press release...the SyFy Channel is still making crappy monster movies, crappy "Sharknado" movies, hasn't increased its Science Fiction content, still doesn't have a discernible on-air identity, still isn't a Science Fiction channel, still shows anything and everything...but...Science Fiction...and is still the..."Garbage Dump Home Base"....of..."Smackdown Wrestling"....

3. The SyFy Channel forever remains light on Science Fiction and heavy on the..."Maury Povich Style"....of cheap stunts and overall crappy trash television. I have a sinister theory that the scriptwriters for the...."Maury Povich Show"....also run the programming department of the SyFy Channel. In both're getting that cheap...schlocky....slimy....grimy....repulsive....feeling you get from watching bad television.

4. The SyFy Channel remains forever anchored in...."Basic Television Blandness"...and...."Identity Absent"....self identification. At a moment's notice, this channel abruptly and incompatibly segues from a..."C.S.I." a game show about consuming alcohol.

5. A year later, there is nothing worthy of being called Science Fiction on this channel. Even its feeble attempts at it.

6. Why did this channel abandon Science Fiction in the first place? That tells me its present owners (NBC-Universal) never should have bought it in the first place. If you're supposed to be a Science Fiction channel all of the time regardless of highs and lows in marketing trends, you're not supposed to allow the former and the latter to dictate whether you are or you aren't a Science Fiction channel. That is just plain old.....BAD BUSINESS SENSE. There are very, very bad business people running the SyFy Channel who never had a clue about running a Science Fiction channel. It's been nothing but a....CHAOTIC MESS.....from day one. The entire kitchen sink has been haphazardly thrown into the mismanagement of this channel with no thought whatsoever....and Science Fiction (good Science Fiction) nowhere to be found on this channel.


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