Saturday, September 19, 2015

Shameful Moments in SyFy Channel History #5: The SyFy Channel Waiting For The Other Cable Networks To Set The Trend in Science Fiction / Fantasy Programming...

....before it proceeds on its own to do the same....

Excuse me...Wasn't the SyFy Channel supposed to be a..."Science Fiction / Fantasy" all along without interruption regardless of the highs and lows in Science Fiction programming on the other cable networks?

Why are the other cable networks dictating to what degree Science Fiction programming appears on the SyFy Channel? This idiotic channel (SyFy) is supposed to be a Science Fiction and Fantasy channel around the clock regardless of what the other cable networks are doing and regardless of highs and lows in marketing trends.

Why did the SyFy Channel get away from Science Fiction programming in the first place? (Rhetorical) Why did Universal purchase a Science Fiction channel in the first place with no intention of following through with the identity of that channel? (Rhetorical) Why is the SyFy Channel always looking to everyone but themselves to guide their channel? (Rhetorical) Why has the SyFy Channel been a mess all along and a mess from day one? (Rhetorical)

Even as the SyFy Channel tries to bring itself into alignment with the other cable channels with its own attempts at Science Fiction and Fantasy ("Killjoys")'s becoming painfully clear that they just aren't very good at it.


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