Monday, September 28, 2015

Shameful Moments In SyFy Channel History #11: Trying To Pass Off Alcoholism As a Game Show

Let's just spit it out here and now and be absolutely blunt right off the bat. This channel has tried every sleazy and underhanded quickie programming stunt in the book from day one because it has failed repeatedly since day one to be a Science Fiction channel.

This channel which used to be an actual Science Fiction channel (a good one!!) in the early to mid-1990's was eventually and unfortunately bought by the idiots at.... "GE/Vivendi/Comcast-Universal"....who didn't think about what they were buying before the purchase and didn't consider that purchasing a 24 hour round the clock Science Fiction channel carries with it the responsibility of managing the channel as a 24 hour round the clock Science Fiction channel. Always too stupid to realize the error in their purchase of this channel, Universal proceeded for the next two decades to... prat-fall...fu** up....deface....and...massacre....this channel with a steady trajectory of erosion that has gone exactly like this:

1. Initially failing at being a Science Fiction channel because the idiots at Universal didn't like Science Fiction, and didn't have the..... imagination.... talent.... and.... inspired thinking... to manage a Science Fiction channel. Once this caused them to not make decent money with the former Sci-Fi Channel, Universal began tinkering (fu**ing up) the format of the channel by turning it into a crappy, general interest cable channel in order to make it easier for them to manage (laziness) with the full realization that the channel would never be a huge moneymaker for them due to the brain dead staff Universal put in there to manage it with no intention of ever removing this brain dead staff. Which led to...

2. Every lazy and cheapo programming stunt imaginable being put on this former and once great Science Fiction channel. Wrestling, non-Science Fiction films from the Universal Studios film vaults, "C.S.I." reruns, sham psychics (John Edward), alcoholism (Geeks Who Drink), crappy horror movies on a low budget.

3. Of all the talented and former Rick Berman era "Star Trek" producers and writers SyFy Channel could have chose to partner with (Brannon Braga, Michael Piller, Rick Berman himself, Maurice Hurley, Jeri Taylor, Ira Steven Behr) attempt.... "Battlestar Galactica"....they instead inexplicably chose the least talented of the group (Ronald D. Moore.) The underwhelming results of..."GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) speak for themselves as does the series permanent place in the..."Wal-Mart $5.00 Discount DVD bin."

Which all leads to the present and sad state of the SyFy Channel. Resorting to alcoholism poorly disguised as a game show to try and lure in a few droppings of viewers here and there because the channel has failed at everything else.


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