Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bryan Singer And Ronald D. Moore Might As Well Just Retire From Their Feeble Attempts At Science Fiction Over The Years That Were Never Successful

...Because J.J. Abrams can take them both on without even trying. J.J. Abrams is consistently what George Lucas and Steven Spielberg used to be in the early 1980's...An unstoppable force in anything Science Fiction related he touches. He also is light years above Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer in terms of talent when it comes to anything Science Fiction related. And..."Oh my gosh!!"....J.J. Abrams.... is also consistently getting the choice (best) jobs in Hollywood Science Fiction related Singer and Moore could only dream of getting.

Whether it's..."Star Trek"..."Star Wars"...."Cloverfield"....or..."Super 8".....J.J. Abrams has consistently proven he can tackle anything Science Fiction related and deliver it to mass market movie going audiences standing in line waiting to see it.

As for Bryan Singer and Ronald D. Moore...They can collectively continue fumbling about with the boring..."X-Men"....movies, television pilots that never get approved, movie projects that never get made, and endless stealth marketing that has never helped the two of them because they were never talented in the first place...individually or collectively. 

Goodbye Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer. We really do want the both of you to go. J.J. Abrams has already taken the choice jobs in Science Fiction (in Hollywood) the two of you were never talented enough to do and get in the first place.


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