Monday, September 14, 2015

I Find It Interesting That Universal Studios Ongoing Issues With Science Fiction And "Battlestar Galactica" Can Always Be Broken Down To...

1. Owing other people lots of money.

2. Having no imagination or inspired thinking.

3. Making one crappy decision after another.

4. Owning Science Fiction properties they never should have owned in the first place ("Battlestar Galactica", "Knight Rider.")

5. Never modifying their approach to handling..."Battlestar Galactica".....and...."Knight Rider"....despite the fact that such unwillingness to change as a corporation leaves both properties..."Sleeping Giants"....decade after decade.

This is what...the fourth decade of all 5 I just listed and there are still ongoing problems at Universal Studios?

Rotate the...."Old Farts"....out and hire new management across the board at Universal Studios.
After four decades it's time to unclog the toilet at Universal Studios.


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