Friday, September 18, 2015

Shameful Moments in SyFy Channel History #4: The SyFy Channel's Incomprehensible 2009 Ad Campaign

Was it an ad campaign for...."Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus"....coming to town? A commercial for a toy store selling nothing but...."Animal Balloons?"......A commercial for an...."Illegal Narcotic".... being shared by all of the neighbors? And all of the neighbors are..."Tripping"...

One thing is certain. This ad campaign was an absolute mess of incoherence and...."not hitting the broadside of a barn"....of whatever the SyFy Channel was aiming for with this ad campaign. 

I suspect the SyFy Channel finally admitted to themselves that they didn't even know what they were getting at with this ad campaign....and just turned the channel into a...."Lazy Ass General Interest Cable Channel"....with wrestling,..."C.S.I."....reruns....and crappy horror a result.


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