Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Another New SyFy Channel Series Slated To Get Buried Underneath and Blended In With The Rest of The Network's Bland Schedule of Wrestling, Alcoholism ("Geeks Who Drink"), "C.S.I." Reruns, and Spur of The Moment Movies From The "Universal Studios Film Vault"


It should fit in quite well with the rest of the network's across the board blandness.

Did I also mention that..."Van Helsing"...was a box office flop? What is it with the SyFy Channel's incessant need to try and turn box office flops into SyFy Channel series?

1. Blade Runner - "GINO" (Galactica in Name Only)
2. Van Helsing - New "Van Helsing" TV series
3. 12 Monkeys - "12 Monkeys" TV series.
4. The Thing - "Helix"
5. Night of The Living Dead - "Z Nation"

And these box office flops get into the hands of..."SyFy Channel Management"...as new television series. A management team not known for being skilled, talented, or imaginative at what they do across the board. No wonder these failed properties continue to fail as SyFy Channel television series as well.


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