Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Have Come To Realize Over The Years That If Universal Studios Releases Anything Related To "Battlestar 1978" And It Is Not a Complete Disaster, It Is a Happy Accident

Complete Epic Series DVD Set - If you can find a copy without cracked discs (a decade later) and doesn't freeze in the pilot episode when Boxey is abducted by the Ovions (around 1:27?)...and doesn't freeze anywhere else within all 17 episodes...You're treated to a marginally decent DVD set that has (of all places) within its..."Remembering Battlestar Galactica"....documentary....extended footage (from the pilot episode) of Starbuck's damaged Viper landing....extended footage of Starbuck and Boomer observing the Carillon Casino...and extended footage of Cylon troops crossing the underground bridge in pursuit of Apollo, Starbuck, Boomer, Cassie, and Boxey. How about the half hour of deleted scenes? How could Universal Studios knowingly allow such a gift (this extended footage) to slip out to the public? Asleep at the wheel no doubt!!

I'm also stunned that Universal Studios let slip out to the public...the extended footage (from the pilot) of the rear approach to the..."Rising Star Luxury Liner"....in the episode..."Murder On The Rising Star"....

I think this is just another example of Universal Studios not knowing anything about the property they have been knowingly screwing over (for 37 years) at only the larger levels of obviousness....They know nothing about the little nitty-gritty here and there of the...."Battlestar 1978"....series. They're completely unaware. So it always slips past their devious corporate fingers.

Despite the poor editing of "Living Legend" and "Fire In Space" together, if you have a region free DVD player, this disc from England is pure gold. All of the extended special effects footage from "Saga of a Star World" is in this thing. Extended shots of the..."Galactica"...."Cylon Base Star"...."Livery Ship" (the three film cans on a pylon ship)....and even a close up shot of one of the..."Cylon Mines"...in the red minefield are all here. Universal Studios screwed up again and let more..."Galactica"...enjoyment slip out to the public accidentally? How could this be?

"Baltar's"...execution, an extended scene of the council voting to destroy its military machine....and various bits of extended dialogue are sprinkled throughout this thing. (Adama referring to Baltar as "Count.") Another happy accident Universal Studios unknowingly let slip by.

Taken together, all three of these DVD's contain a good chunk of the deleted footage from..."Saga of a Star World"...Universal Studios never had the..."Corporate Balls"...to drop into a...."Director's Cut" DVD...of..."Saga of a Star World"....

Infinitely better corporate management within Universal Studios would make all of the difference in the world in this particular case....wouldn't it?

"Saga of a Star World" - The first pilot episode EVER that has bits and pieces of it scattered all over the damn place in many, many different locations. Perhaps unable to be reassembled ever again into a unified whole due to Universal Studios ongoing and relentless abuse of this property.


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