Monday, November 9, 2015

Universal Studios Has Owned a Potential Science Fiction Franchise For 37 Years Yet Has Never Had One. And Has Owned a Potential Science Fiction Channel For 15 Years And Has Never Had One of Those Either

Isn't it amazing the level of devastation that can occur when the same management team remains firmly in place at a corporation at the highest levels for decades despite the destruction it creates through endless incompetence and that team is never rotated out for better people?


 Read the books Universal Studios has tried and failed to censor on 

And read these books at another location where Universal Studios executives and its stealth marketers won't be able to post negative, misleading (stealth marketed) reviews of the books via them purchasing candy and Rogaine Foam on (allowing them access to the Amazon book review section) and not actually buying and reading the books. I'll leave the other 150 global locations under wraps for now.

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