Friday, November 20, 2015

Does The SyFy Channel Have Its Eye On Any Other Science Fiction Box Office Flops From Years Past It Would Like To Make Flop Television Series Out Of?

Show the SyFy Channel any box office flop from years past of a science fiction nature, and it will wrap its corporate arms around it and give it a great big smooch!!

Who can forget when the SyFy Channel dusted off Ridley Scott's old...."Blade Runner" and had the nerve to call it..."Battlestar Galactica?"....What it was actually was...."GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)....

"GINO"....was also a good chunk..."Rick Berman Era Star Trek"....and any other old science fiction movie or tv show Ronald D. Moore could remember watching as a kid on local UHF channels on Saturday afternoons back in the 1970's.

Let's look at the formula here that the SyFy Channel just couldn't resist turning into a flop television series. Perhaps the definitive box office science fiction flop from the mid-late 1990's starring Bruce Willis. I'm surprised the SyFy Channel didn't just make it a package deal and simultaneously make the other definitive science fiction box office flop from the mid-late 1990's starring Bruce Willis...."The Fifth Element"....into a flop television series as well.

The SyFy Channel dusted off John Carpenter's old box office flop from 1982 and called it...."Helix"...

Even better!! The..."Boredom Factor"....of this series was amplified 100 fold simply because Ronald D. Moore was involved with it. Typically, it limped along for two low rated seasons before no one noticed its cancellation. Much like..."GINO's"....cancellation after four low rated seasons.

With the SyFy Channel involved, there is always nowhere to go but down in the...."Pits Department"...

I submit this is the next batch of science fiction box office flops the SyFy Channel will try and turn into flop television series....


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