Monday, November 23, 2015

The SyFy Channel Tries To Course Correct Itself For The Umpteenth Time With Yet Another Middling Effort Not Enough To Steer SyFy Away From Wrestling and "Sharknado" Flicks

We've heard this story dozens of times in SyFy Channel press releases. The SyFy Channel has finally..."recommitted itself to the goal of the original Sci-Fi Channel from 1990's. To offer space based entertainment and jettison the crappy horror movies the channel is infamous for"......Of course, no explanation is ever given by the SyFy Channel as to why it allowed itself to be detoured (in the first place) into the crappy likes of...."Sharknado"....anything else from...."Asylum Films".....wrestling etc....into a non-Science Fiction channel.

What I've pointed out in the past and what needs to be pointed out again is that the solutions to the SyFy Channel's woes does not involve (in all likelihood) a temporary return to space based entertainment with fare like..."The Expanse"....which will only and ultimately succumb to low ratings anyway because it was never terribly compelling in the first place....and then ultimately yank the SyFy Channel to one side once again forcing the channel to resume wrestling and crappy horror movies....abandoning its umpteenth promise to resume its mission of space based entertainment.

No, the solutions to the SyFy Channel's woes still involves a complete change in management from top to bottom. The present ancient management at the SyFy Channel still sees Science Fiction in two ways...1.Either not do it all or 2. Do it in boring, cliched, and unexciting ways which will ultimately return the channel to being...."Wrestling World"....of the basic cable landscape. The return always being a symptom of bad management.

Every attempt at Science Fiction on the SyFy Channel (including..."The Expanse"....) always and only looks like..."Blade Runner"...and..."Alien"...All of those attempts look like they are set in either universe. Overused after 15 years to say the least.


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