Wednesday, November 18, 2015

If The SyFy Channel Wanted To Rip-Off "Supergirl" From CBS, What Would It Come Up With?

The Supergirl we all know and love from CBS. Accurately based upon the classic character from the comic books. A moral center, core values, justice for all.

This is the version of Supergirl the SyFy Channel would probably come up with if it wanted to rip-off the current CBS series....

Grunge Girl

1. Mysterious girl falls to earth after her spaceship gets caught up in the trail of a comet.

2. She has tracks on her arms because she is a heroin addict.

3. A trail of blood thirsty zombies falls to earth at the same time she does from the same trail of that comet.

4. Edward James Olmos is the...."Frowning Faced Assassin".....out to get her who mysteriously knows who she is even before she does. The zombies are his minions.

5. She has super strength, she flies....and she's a prostitute.

6. The great metropolitan newspaper..."The Daily Rag"....wants Grunge Girl to be their mascot.

7. Grunge Girl has an evil twin (if that is even possible) since Grunge Girl is bi-polar herself.

8. Grunge Girl robs banks (flattens them) since she can't get decent employment herself.

9. Grunge Girl has been designated a..."Person of Interest" the...."Bureau of Extraterrestrial Affairs"....for the raping of innocent boys.

10. Grunge Girl lives in an abandoned factory (no bed) with the zombies constantly closing in on her.


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