Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Is It Only a Matter Of Time Before The "SyFy Channel" Rips Off The "Starz" Network "Ash vs. Evil Dead?"


From experience via observation...I know darn well that the..."Starz Network - Ash vs. Evil Dead"....series is very much something on the SyFy Channel's corporate radar right now. They are watching this series with drool pouring out of their mouths. It's a series that the SyFy Channel just won't be able to resist ripping off  for very long...

1. The lantern jawed hero
2. A chainsaw as his primary weapon
3. The main hero is a smart ass with one liners
4. The 50 year old hero working in a Wal-Mart style retail store
5. Graphic makeup effects
6. A remedially handicapped marketing gimmick for fighting the undead.

At the very least....I suspect a hero like Ash will eventually show up on multiple episodes of..."Z Nation"...driving a beat up Chevy and sporting a chain saw.

The SyFy Channel...never having a discernible identity of its own over the airwaves....just steals the ideas from other television networks that do have their own discernible on-air identities over the airwaves....like..."Starz"....and absorbs all of those stolen ideas into a...gloppy...gooey....incompatible.....smorgasbord-esque....mess!!....infamously known as...."The SyFy Channel's Daily and Nightly Schedule"....

....What the SyFy Channel lovingly and affectionately refers to as......"Brand Filtering".....


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