Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Ghost Hunters" Is Investigating The "U.S.S. Constitution!!"

That would be extraordinarily difficult, wouldn't it? For the..."Ghost Hunters"....cast and crew to go through their usual..."Heavily Scripted and Camera Blocked Schtick" such cramped quarters as a Navy ship?

I think they will rise to the problem!! Let's join the cast and crew REHEARSING!!

1. Security cameras rigged in all of the corridors. Specially rigged to not show anything paranormal since nothing paranormal in reality actually exists....CHECK!!

2. Let's practice...."Panning The Cameras One More Time Left To Right Always Too Late" these cramped corridors so that the audience never sees what the...."Ghost Hunters Crew" they have just seen of a paranormal nature...CHECK!!

3. Let's rehearse the script one more time....beginning at the point where the Captain of the...."U.S.S. Constitution" complaining to the..."Ghost Hunters"....crew about seeing ghostly watch standers with binoculars standing watch on the port, starboard, and aft sections of the ship late at night....even in dock!! (Cue up post-production visual effects and dubbing stage)....CHECK!! 

4. Let's practice (one more time) the door to the bridge opening by itself with the rope on the floor attached to it (out of camera range of course) pulling it open!!...CHECK!!

Let's download all of the..."Ghost Hunters".....scripts going back the past decade just to see who has written them all since they never get screen credits....CHECK!!


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