Monday, September 30, 2013

What is The Condition of The Original Negative of "Saga of a Star World" After Another Decade of Universal Studios Questionable Storage Practices?

Oh, look!! It must be the rat infested storage room Universal Studios has stored the original negative of "Saga of a Star World" in since 1979!! Is that a Bat's nest on the ceiling? A river of "Cherry Flavored 7-Up" flowing underneath?
I'm not talking about the theatrical version of "Saga of a Star World" (2 hours) recently released by itself on Blu-Ray. I'm talking about the 3 hour pilot television version of "Saga of a Star World" released on the DVD set displayed immediately underneath this post.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to cause a movie to cease to exist. All you have to do is store it improperly. In inappropriate temperatures. In film canisters not sealed properly. In environments suffering from excessive moisture. Not doing periodic maintenance on the original negative within reasonable time frames.

Is this how the 3 hour pilot version of "Saga of a Star World" has been stored by Universal Studios since 1979? Because it sure as hell looked that way based upon how it appeared in the DVD set below in 2003.

How does "Saga of a Star World" look now in 2013? Does the original negative even exist anymore, or did Universal Studios allow it to rot away into nothingness? All they had to do was look the other way while it happened and do nothing on purpose. That is very, very easy to envision. After all, we're talking about Universal Studios here.


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