Thursday, October 3, 2013

As Nothing But "Self Serving Opportunists" For The Past Decade...SyFy Channel, Bryan Singer, and Ronald D. Moore Have Nothing to Show For It

Within the realms of Science Fiction and Fantasy...SyFy Channel, Ronald D. Moore, and Bryan Singer have nothing to stake successful claims to in the past decade since the three of them have been nothing but imagination deficient, self serving opportunists in those two genres.

The three of them just can't master the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres because they lack the inspired thinking and imagination to do so. The three of them will always be the first to descend like vultures upon any opportunity that may arise in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, and the three of them will always be the first to squander those opportunities (and mar those opportunities) with their lack of imagination, lack of inspired thinking, and endless procrastinations. It makes one wonder why the three of them continue to try and stake claims in these two genres.

SyFy Channel, Ronald D. Moore, and Bryan Singer have failed....repeatedly...for the past helm anything successful in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. Any career counselor would tell them that it's time to move on after a decade of repeated, consecutive failures in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

SyFy Channel, Ronald D. Moore, and Bryan Singer have also repeatedly proven that when their sole motivating factor (all of the time) in attempting Science Fiction and Fantasy is nothing but "Self Serving Opportunism" while at the same time lacking the imagination and inspired thinking to tackle Science Fiction and Fantasy....their careers will not go anywhere.


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