Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I See That The "X-Men" Movies Haven't Lost Their Flair For Being Boring, Mundane, and Melodramatic Snooze-fests


I guess Bryan Singer did indeed direct this thing. Because only he could make a superhero movie this boring and not interesting in the slightest.

What else is coming out in summer 2014? Something a bit more....lively.....and....spunky....than this shit?


Thank God there will be some "merciful alternatives" for movie audiences to escape to in the summer of 2014!!

The trailer above is just a rough cut, right? Cooler and objective heads will eventually re-edit this thing into something that has a little more life to it, right? I mean, there are eight months remaining to re-edit this thing into a spunkier viewing experience for mass market audiences, right? Maybe some re-shoots of Patrick Stewart to make him seem.....more awake....during this movie?

Snap!!....Snap!!! Somebody "Jazz" this movie up a little bit!!


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