Tuesday, October 8, 2013

At This Late Date, What Would a Professional Career Counselor Say to Any of The Idiots Who Run The SyFy Channel?


What should have been said to Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern a long time ago.

Career Counselor - "How does one tactfully say that you idiots are not professionally suited for what you do? There is a fundamental incompatibility between what you are as a corporation, and what the Science Fiction genre is. Science Fiction demands a permanent standard of excellence in producing and writing at all times that your corporation has repeatedly failed to deliver. Your corporation on the other hand (NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel) suffers from and repeatedly demonstrates a "Status Quo Corporate Lethargy and Indifference" to the ever present high standards that Science Fiction demands. It is cruel irony that two fundamentally incompatible animals to the extreme in business (your corporation and the Science Fiction genre) ended up under the same roof together. Because it has been war ever since. Your corporation has never, ever, managed properly what the former Sci-Fi Channel (you gutted) is supposed to be. Instead, your corporation has collided with every high concept Science Fiction idea the genre routinely is, and gutted these high concept ideas in favor of "Status Quo Corporate Lethargy.....Idiocy." You have mutated what is supposed to be a Science Fiction channel...into what your limited corporate intellect is the most comfortable in managing. A "John Doe / No Identity Cable Network" that one moment broadcasts wrestling matches...and the very next moment broadcasts crappy horror movies. As corporate business people, your imaginations are as retarded as your intellects. Your corporation (in how it has managed the SyFy Channel) meanders all over the place in trying to stake a claim at some sort of on-air identity. You don't want your on-air identity to be officially defined by yourselves...yet at the same time you want viewers to come forward and somehow define you. To tell you who and what you are....despite the fact that you can't be defined given the endless hodgepodge of conflicting subject matters in all of your television programming.

When it comes to being what you are supposed to be (a Science Fiction channel), your corporation (NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel) instead breaks down and ceases functioning normally. Your corporation (in an instinctive dysfunctional mode of self defense) retreats from Science Fiction and dodges the issue. Replacing Science Fiction programming with wrestling, cooking shows, crappy monster movies and crappy reality programming. I submit that your corporation never should have owned a Science Fiction channel because the Science Fiction genre makes your corporation behave in dysfunctional ways. Trashing "Battlestar Galactica" in a crappy remake, making crappy monster movies with unacceptable CGI effects, making crappy reality programming, and never aspiring to the high demands of excellence in producing and writing the Science Fiction genre repeatedly demands.

Your corporation (NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel) never could take a hint. Financial considerations are never enough when purchasing a cable network. The corporation doing the purchasing must also be professionally suited to what they are purchasing. It must be a good match. It was a good match when the owners of ESPN purchased ESPN. It was a good match when the owners of "Animal Planet" purchased "Animal Planet." In both instances, there was a love of sports and animals on the part of those who purchased these networks. It was not a good match when NBC-Universal purchased Sci-Fi Channel because NBC-Universal did not love Science Fiction. You people are idiots because you purchased what you are not suited to. As a result, you got in way over your heads. You don't purchase a Science Fiction channel and then simultaneously begin fighting and rebelling against what that Science Fiction channel is.....a Science Fiction channel. Your corporation should have had the foresight and wisdom to realize that this purchase of the Sci-Fi Channel would not be a good match with your corporation. Your corporation should have had the foresight and wisdom to see that there would be fundamental incompatibility issues between the idiots who work at your corporation, and the entire Science Fiction genre. To the extent that both your corporation and the Sci-Fi Channel would not be able to function normally as a result of this purchase. To the extent that both your corporation and the Sci-Fi Channel are such clashing animals to such a degree, that a harmonious integration would simply be impossible. 

You people suck at what you do because you purchased a cable network you are not professionally suited for. The demands of excellence in producing and writing repeatedly called for in the Science Fiction genre simply cannot be met by you people because the lot of you are not cerebrally wired to deliver such excellence on a consistent basis. What you people are professionally suited for, is a "Wayne's World" type cable channel undemanding of any sort of intelligence in management. Where professional wrestling, crappy reality shows, and Elvira's boobs would be the extent of your daily programming."


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