Friday, October 18, 2013

Ronald D. Moore is The "Sarah Palin of Science Fiction" (Pre-Obtruded.) He Always Has a "Bill of Goods" No One Wants And No One Wants to Be Anywhere Near


Is John Carpenter and the "John Carpenter Estate" going to get screen credit for inspiring "Helix?" Or more bluntly....Is Ronald D. Moore going to stop claiming that "Helix" is an original idea and instead admit that it is a televised version of "John Carpenter's 'Thing' Movie" set in an arctic environment with the extraterrestrial / paranormal threat in that movie replaced with a biological outbreak?

Like Ronald D. Moore, Sarah Palin is about as qualified to be in her chosen profession as an escapee from the mental ward would be. Will there ever be a time when this country incarnates  and resumes the old fashioned notion of people actually being qualified for their chosen professions?

Ronald D. Moore is not a "Master Extraordinaire" of Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror as the SyFy Channel and the stealth marketing bums at "Abraham & Harrison" would love for us to believe. Instead, he is a huckster and self serving opportunist endlessly regurgitating every movie and television show he has ever watched throughout his entire life dating back to when he was a kid. All he has ever done is produce and / or write thinly veiled remakes (very likely without the original maker's permission, ever) every "couch potato memory" he has ever had of everything he has ever watched in the movies and on television.

Ronald D. Moore is of the "Baby Boomer Generation"....where he witnessed first hand and remembers (vividly) "Star Wars" arriving on the scene in 1977...."Battlestar Galactica" arriving in 1978...."Raiders of The Lost Ark" in 1981....."John Carpenter's 'The Thing'" in 1982...and "E.T. - The Extraterrestrial", "Blade Runner" & "Poltergeist" that same year. All vivid memories for Ronald D. Moore to mine and extract story components from....for his underwhelming projects for the SyFy Channel. And then modifying these story components only and ever so slightly, for his various projects. All of his post - "Star Trek: The Next Generation" projects (including his failed take on "Battlestar Galactica") have contained nothing but incompatible harvested components of everything he has ever watched throughout his lifetime...with none of his projects conveying the slightest impression of being a unified...fluid whole.

Ronald D. Moore does not have any sort of background in theater, the arts....and lacks the knack and skill for inspired thinking. Thus...his chronic lack of imagination and originality in everything he does...and his inability to secure mass market success for himself in everything he does post - "Star Trek - The Next Generation."


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