Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why Everything SyFy Channel, Ronald D. Moore, and Bryan Singer Do Together or Individually Never Attracts Much Attention

Status Quo Conformity - The SyFy Channel, Ronald D. Moore, and Bryan Singer love to go with the flow. They are not risk takers. Everything they do is firmly and permanently grounded within the "Corporate America Parameters" of the mundane....the "not surprising in the slightest"....the "bearing a striking resemblance to everything that has come before." From the SyFy Channel's umpteenth variation on the crappy monster movie...to Ronald D. Moore's "typical Wall Street - Corporate Take" on "Battlestar Galactica" - (complete with unappealing characters, and a business suit obsessed wardrobe being worn by a culture of people supposedly thousands of light years from Earth)...to Bryan Singer's failed remake of Richard Donner's "Superman - The Movie" in "Superman Returns"....and apparently being involved with the umpteenth and thoroughly unnecessary sequel to ..."X-Men."

....SyFy Channel, Ronald D. Moore, and Bryan Singer are typical "Corporate America Conformists" who by their very natures...always take the fun out of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror by instinctively and unconsciously...always adhering to the....."tried & true"....the "endlessly baked over ad nauseum"....and most criminally....the "always boring as hell."...

Lack of Talent, Imagination, and Inspired Thinking - There are endless mysteries in life and one of the "biggies" always has been...why SyFy Channel, Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer continue to pursue Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror when the three of them have always lacked the talent, imagination, and inspired thinking to do so. When you suck at something....move on!! Move on to other things!! SyFy Channel, Ronald D. Moore, and Bryan Singer never got this blunt lecture from anyone. So, they keep paddling in water going nowhere...continuing to accomplish absolutely nothing in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that SyFy Channel, Ronald D. Moore, and Bryan Singer keep hoping to make it big in some way in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Failing to realize every step of the way that habitual "Status Quo Conformity to the Mundane, the endlessly Baked Over, and Typically Boring" is not the way to go about it. This is what keeps holding them back. And the three of them not having the wisdom to realize this.

No brighter opportunities on the horizon for any of themSyFy Channel, Ronald D. Moore, and Bryan Singer always stay right where they are at because they always lack something better (career wise) to move on to. Look at Ronald D. Moore, for example. He may have had a new employer in the form of "Sony" for the past couple of years...but look at who his only paying customer has continued to always be even while he has been working at "Sony." That's right...."SyFy Channel." He might as well have remained "in-house" at the "SyFy Channel" because he really hasn't gone anywhere. Because "SyFy Channel" continues to be the purchaser of roughly 99.99% of the garbage he continues to crank out. Oh yes, he has that one project and one project only with "Starz." That sword and sorcery "mumbo-jumbo" of some sort but let's be serious and realistic here. How long is that "gig" with "Starz" really going to last? I base that on Ronald D. Moore's failed "gig" with CBS-TV and the "Wild, Wild West" remake. SyFy Channel, Ronald D. Moore, and Bryan Singer have always been locked into this...."Boomerang"....."Merry-Go-Round".....relationship with one another. They always end up back together again sooner or later. "Likes" attract absolutely. Especially in this extreme case when the three of them are so alike in terms of lacking talent, imagination, and inspired thinking.

They were made for one another.


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