Sunday, October 20, 2013

Is It Safe To Say That Director Richard A. Colla's Uncut Version of "Saga of a Star World" Was Ever So Conveniently Left Out Of Universal Studios Film Restoration Efforts?

Gee, I wonder what happened to all of this never before seen footage of Richard A. Colla's uncut version of "Saga of a Star World." The footage ABC-TV and Glen A. Larson chain - sawed from the original cut of the pilot because they were foolish.

It just goes to show you!! A studio can't hate "The 1978 Battlestar Galactica Series" while at the same time keeping lost footage from its pilot episode in proper storage for 35 years!!
No doubt this footage was neglected / discarded (trashed) by Universal Studios long ago because they just didn't give a shit. Eliminating any chance of a proper restoration of Richard A. Colla's pilot episode.

The sad part is, this lost footage wasn't even included in the "Deleted Scenes Section" of that crappy "Battlestar Galactica" Boxed set released 10 years ago. So you know it's long gone for good thanks to film storage neglect from Universal Studios.

Jim Peck engulfed in flames while reporting on the progress of the armistice on "Caprica" before he was replaced by Jane Seymour.

Adama and Athena watch in horror as the colonies are destroyed.

As Richard A. Colla originally shot it, the escape from Carillon had Warriors in battle uniforms instead of battle dress.

The healing of Cassiopia's arm was a much longer sequence as Richard A. Colla originally shot it.

An extended confrontation between Starbuck and Athena shortly after he crash lands.

Richard A. Colla shot lots of footage of the Carillon Casino.

Being led into the "Queen Ovion's Chambers."

The master card dealer within the Carillon Casino.

An alternate camera view of Starbuck escaping from his Viper after crash landing.

More footage of Starbuck and Boomer confronting survivors in the "Gemini Freighter."

Extended sequence between Adama and Tigh at the Star Map shortly after the "Battlestar Atlantia" is destroyed.

Let's not forget the sequence where Starbuck confronts Colonel Tigh on the bridge shortly after he crash lands. There isn't even a still photograph of this scene.


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