Monday, July 3, 2017

After Years and Years of Not Representing The Science Fiction Genre Like it Was Supposed to, The "SyFy Channel" Now Finds Itself As a Discarded Bystander...

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...On the outside looking in. 

All of these years (17 to be exact) when corporate owners..."Comcast / Vivendi / NBC Universal"...were not representing the Science Fiction genre at all on the eternally defunct..."SyFy Channel"...and instead had made the channel a haven for wrestling, badly made horror movies, an outlet for every badly made...non-Science Fiction the Universal Studios film vault, and a refuge for every supernatural hack in existence..."John Edward"...the entire..."Ghost Hunters"....television show...

...the..."SyFy Channel"...was setting itself up to have its thunder stolen by other more talented individuals who clutched at the very...Science genre the..."SyFy Channel"...had never embraced in the first place for 17 consecutive years.

So now, irrevocably...the..."SyFy Channel" finds itself as a hapless bystander of all of the heavy goings on within the entire Science Fiction media and print genres.

There is no going back for the..."SyFy Channel" this point. No reinventing of itself, or trying to suddenly embrace the very...Science Fiction...genre it had never embraced in the first place for 17 consecutive years.

The permanent damage has been done, and the..."SyFy Channel"...did it all to themselves.

How does it look when the.."SyFy Channel" merely a spectator on its own website?



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