Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Not Only The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made By The "SyFy Channel", But Also The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made, Period


This is basically what you get out of..."Night of The Wild" a viewer...

1. Scene after scene of grown adults allowing themselves to be taken down by rabid puppy dogs without even trying to kick them out of the way before they attack. Some of the victims being muscular big dudes as well.

2. A woman trying to cuddle her unknowingly rabid puppy dog who of course, puts her face right up in to the face of her little doggy who of course takes a bite out of her face.

3. The..."A to Z Playbook"...of every stupid ass thing a victim can do in a horror movie played to the umpteenth degree in this..."SyFy Channel"...original production. Including not fighting back when puppy dogs attack you.

4. Cast members obviously fighting..."Puppy Dog Puppets" some poorly choreographed and edited attack scenes.

5. If any little doggy can merely be flung away or kicked away by the stupid ass characters in this movie in order to save themselves, of course they don't do it.

6. Cast members staring in horror at drooling and rabid puppy dogs. Step on it at the very least!! Kick it in the..."Adam's Apple"...

Problem solved!!

7. This movie could have been cut short by 90 minutes if the characters simply did what normal people would have done when faced with killer puppies. Kick the living shit out of them while they're charging you.

8. The.."SyFy Channel"...and..."Asylum Films"...are responsible for this..."Idiotic Trash Fest"... from 2015.

9. At the end of the movie, the characters don't run back to their airplane in order to avoid the final confrontation with these killer puppies, even though they were a safe enough distance away from the dogs and still close enough to their plane to have easily run back to their plane and taken off.

10. Enough blood in this movie to make even an episode of..."Walking Dead"...blush.

Is this nitpicking? Nope!! It's merely pointing out the overwhelming obvious in bad film making. What the..."SyFy Channel"...and..."Asylum Films"...specialize in every time they join forces.

"Night of The Wild"...was definitely the precursor to the idiotic..."Sharknado"...movies.


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