Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How Did The "SyFy Channel" Commit Suicide Over a 17 Year Period, Eventually Being Overtaken By The Very Science Fiction Genre It Was Supposed to Represent?

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Oh, a few things come to mind...

1. Not taking the Science Fiction genre seriously, especially in its early days of the early 2000's.

2. Referring to serious Science Fiction fans as..."Geeks." A discriminating term if ever there was one.

3. Turning what was supposed to be a serious Science Fiction channel in to a..."Cesspool"....of endlessly clashing bad programming ideas, destroying the identity of the once great.."Sci-Fi Channel" the process, and reducing the channel down to a bland and incoherent in on-air identity basic cable channel.

4. Changing the name..."Sci-Fi""SyFy"....Everyone hated it, and of course the..."SyFy Channel"...always striving to be different in a bad way, stuck with what was unpopular with the vast majority.

5. Having screwy, unpopular, and weird business instincts, such as the example in #4.

6. After wasting the channel away for a good 15 consecutive years not doing quality Science Fiction or anything else constructive in programming, it suddenly dawned on the idiots who own and manage the..."SyFy Channel"...that every other cable channel was seriously embracing the Science Fiction genre and making good money at it. The..."SyFy Channel's"...answer to that particular woe plaguing themselves? Turn their website into a..."Tabloid-esque"....light and fluffy news brief site on the Science Fiction related projects everyone else is making good money at doing except them. And the..."SyFy Channel"...itself is still making crappy, low budget programming.

7. Not making the necessary personnel changes within the..."SyFy Channel"...from top to bottom for 17 consecutive years that may have saved the..."SyFy Channel"...from its present fate. The exact same and wrong people at the..."SyFy Channel"....for 17 consecutive years has been 100% of the problem.

8. Embracing..."Asylum Films"...The worst practitioner and peddler of celluloid junk in human history. The makers of the..."SyFy Channel's"...."Sharknado"...movies and..."Z Nation"....

9. Finding some sore of residual value in casting Tara Reid, Danny Bonaduce, and Barry Williams in its badly produced and written low budget horror movies.

10. Raiding the..."Universal Studios Film Vaults"...for its worst non-Science Fiction movies for broadcast and hoping that...."Jell-O"...would stick to the wall as ratings rewards. It never happened.

11. For 17 consecutive years, hoping that no one would notice how badly the..."SyFy Channel"...was being mismanaged while at the same time having unrealistic dreams that serious Science Fiction fans would eventually flock to the channel after making one of its umpteenth and half-ass attempts at supposedly re-committing itself to Science Fiction related programming. The..."SyFy Channel"...should be committed alright.

12. After one of its umpteenth..."Word Salad Promises"...of supposedly re-commiting itself to Science Fiction related programming, the..."SyFy Channel's...programming always remains bland, unwatchable because it remains so badly produced and written, and never within the broadside of a barn of representing the Science Fiction genre with dignity.

13. Turning to..."Dark Horse"...comic books for programming ideas. "Dark Horse" a fine comic book company, but they just don't have..."Mass Market Appeal" their comic books.

14. Obsessively wanting to turn box office flops in to television series...

a. "12 Monkeys"

b. "The Thing" - "Helix"

c. "Blood Drive" - The low budget and unpopular...."Grind House" of movies in the early 1970's.

This is just basic...."Business Common Sense 101"...that you should never do this. The..."SyFy Channel"...does it regularly with reckless abandon.

15. Placing certain people on pedestals who don't deserve it because their body of work is pedestrian at best, and emulating their body of work...

a. Ronald D. Moore
b. Quentin Tarantino
c. Robert Rodriguez
d. George Romero

And then the..."SyFy Channel"...can honestly say with a straight face after all of that....

..."We can't figure out why making decent money eludes us?"...


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