Monday, July 31, 2017

"Ratings: SyFy's Blood Drive Drops to a New Low"

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Is there a..."Special School"...that..."SyFy Channel Executives"....went to in order to learn how to make low rated television programming?

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 What do we definitely know about..."SyFy Channel Executives?"...

Like flying insects drawn to blazing light bulbs and outdoor lamps, "SyFy Channel"...executives are drawn to...

1. Programming no one wants to see

2. Low rated television series based upon box office flops. "12 Monkeys"..."Helix" - ("The Thing")..."Blood Drive" - ("Grindhouse")

3. Programming in extremely poor taste, torpedoing its..."Mass Market Survival"...100% of the time. Such as..."Blood Drive"...

4. As proof in the picture above, programming engulfed in a blazing orange tint. Also see..."Wynonna Earp"..."Z Nation"...and all other originally produced..."SyFy Channel" including all movies and television series..

5. Programming so awful it can't even be categorized in to any known area of knowledge within the entire sphere of television programming..."The Wil Wheaton Project"...


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