Thursday, July 6, 2017

The "SyFy Channel" Now Finds Itself Dwarfed By The Very Science Fiction Genre It Shunned For 17 Consecutive Years 

My how the mighty have fallen!! I remember the early..."Bonnie Hammer Days"...of the..."SyFy Channel"...when this network mocked, shunned, shoved aside, and detested the very..."Science Fiction"...genre it was supposed to be representing. Back then, the..."Science Fiction"...genre was still huge, but for some reason this network got the asinine notion in its head that..."Science Fiction"...and its fans were meant to be vilified in the most contemptuous manner imaginable. And the..."Science Fiction"...television programs the..."SyFy Channel"...ridiculed behind its corporate doors and on-line were some of the most honored...

1. The..."1978 Battlestar Galactica"...series
2. "The Six Million Dollar Man"
3. "Star Trek"
4. "Space: 1999"
7. "Time Tunnel"
8. "Land of The Giants" (Massive irony here)
9. "Twilight Zone"
10. "Outer Limits"

Serious..."Science Fiction" (and even its casual fans) were shaking their heads in incredulity at the..."SyFy Channel's"...behavior at this time. And to a large extent this unacceptable behavior of the..."SyFy Channel's"....still remains. This is what primarily caused the once great..."Sci-Fi Channel" lose its faithful audience from the glory days of the channel in the 1990's.

And then the..."SyFy Channel"...has the unmitigated gall to declare that it wants this audience back after the 17 years it was abusing them and this abuse did not yield the massive profits the..."SyFy Channel"...wanted while it was simultaneously flirting with wrestling, bad horror movies, and other drek.

Would an abused child want to return to his/her abusive parent(s) in adulthood? Aside from very, very rare circumstances with God involved doing some heavy duty across the board healing of all parties involved, the answer is..."No"...

The..."SyFy Channel"...cooked its own goose, and here it remains as an insignificant little..."Piss Pot Cable Network"....doing its low budget and low rated television series no one is the slightest bit interested in watching because they are badly made across the board and just dull. And these teeny weeny little programs of the..."SyFy Channel"...would never be confused with..."Science Fiction" its finest.

And the..."Science Fiction"...genre itself remains HUGE and is growing even more.

And the..."SyFy Channel"...itself remains tiny and is shrinking even more...

When the..."SyFy Channel"...finally disappears no one will mourn its ceasing to exist.


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