Thursday, July 20, 2017

In The "SyFy Channel's New "Krypton" Series, It Looks Like a Dome Was Merely Placed Over The City In Ronald D. Moore's "Caprica" Series


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Are we not supposed to be noticing this? Are we not supposed to be this astute in order to give the..."SyFy Channel"...the benefit of the doubt? 

We get it here at this blog. The..."SyFy Channel"...has always been a..."Small Fry / Low Budget Operation"...with limited resources and money.

Additionally, it took this long for the..."SyFy Channel" do a superhero based series? Yet another example of the..."SyFy Channel"....always waiting for others to do innovations in programming before they ever try it themselves...including Science Fiction.

Look at what has long since come before.."Krypton"...

1. Smallville
2. Supergirl
3. The Flash
4. Green Arrow
5. Xena - Warrior Princess
6. Hercules

The..."SyFy Channel"...continues to baffle everyone in its eccentric business practices. Always in a bad way.


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