Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Here is Another "Family Friendly Delight" Recently Available On..."SyFy On Demand"...

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Has anyone ever demanded anything from..."SyFy" a moment's notice? I doubt it.

"Pompeii"...starring Keifer Sutherland

This movie had more floggings, gladiator fights, and overall instances of..."Man's inhumanity to man".... in this troubled and dysfunctional society that when the volcano finally erupted towards the end of the movie....


I cheered every time the volcano spewed another fire ball and wiped out another blood thirsty monster in this movie including Keifer Sutherland's character.

I cheered at every fire ball taking down the..."Coliseum"...where every innocent victim was murdered.

The volcano was the true hero in this movie. Wiping out a troubled and dysfunctional society that didn't have any right to exist in the first place.

Of course this movie wasn't Science Fiction, so of course it was on..."SyFy on Demand"...


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