Thursday, July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony Used To Work For Universal Studios??

Can it be? Could it be true? If it weren't true....why would she say..."I used to work for Universal Studios?" She could have just as easily have said...."I used to work for Dairy Queen"....or....."I used to work for Burger King." Yet, Universal Studios popped into her head when the urge of mentioning a potential former employer arose.

In what capacity did she work for Universal Studios?

1. Executive in Charge of Motion Picture Development?
2. Executive in Charge of Creative Affairs?
3. An Event Planner at Universal Studios Theme Parks?

I'm intrigued!! I'm bubbling over with curiosity!! Universal Studios / SyFy Channel...The corporation having always taken relentless pride in iteself despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary....has apparently experienced one of its very own falling from grace. And in a saturated / media frenzied manner to boot!!

How does a former employee of Universal Studios...end up like this? Is there something within the corporate culture of Universal Studios having caused such a spectacular fall from grace as this? Something in the food being served at the Universal Studios cafeteria?

You work for Universal Studios one day....and then you're the media darling of CNN the next!! Is it possible to even think it??

Can Casey Anthony go backwards? Can she rise above all of this and return to flashing her badge at the Universal Studios front gate in order to resume whatever it was she was doing before....all of this?

Stay tuned tomorrow!! Same Bat-Time....Same Bat-Channel!!

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