Friday, July 22, 2011

For Your Viewing Misery, SyFy Channel is Broadcasting The Worst "Captain America" Movies Ever Made

You have to hand it to SyFy Channel. There is no depth of sleaze they will not sink to in order to try and cash in on the latest theatrical craze.

The new "Captain America" movie is upon us...and SyFy Channel is trying to jump on the bandwagon by rerunning the two God awful "Captain America" movies from 1979 originally broadcast on CBS-TV, and starring Reb Brown...(produced for CBS-TV by Universal Studios...Go figure.) They are also showing the God awful "Captain America" movie from 1990 starring Matt Salinger.

If that isn't enough "Captain America" God awfulness for you...don't worry. SyFy Channel will be rerunning all three movies WEEKEND LONG.

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